Why do Developers suck in Relationships?

  1. That moment that you are busy and your partner tells you that you aren’t giving them time and attention.
  2. That moment when you sat for so long and your butt and neck hurts you try to take a rest and sleep but you get some distraction and drama from your partner.
  3. That moment you think your partner will wait for you regardless of your business and you later find out they got some side-chicks or side-cocks lol.
  4. That moment you stop coding a lot so that you give them attention but it turns out to be you get addicted to them that you don’t wanna code anymore. Or the dramas turn to be so many and everyone starts getting mad at each other for no reason.
  5. That moment you commit to something and you decide to code and your partner calls you up to just get your attention, you later find yourself just taking some sleeping pills so that the time just passes without doing anything.
  6. That moment you are heartbroken and you are supposed to do some presentation to a client.


Regardless of your situation, just know that time is the best healer. Just relax because



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