Hello this is like an inspiration blog for me, kinda reminiscing my past to now and how I always held into this field of uncertainty, I will remember how crazy and passionate was and how the Nairobi developer community really helped me and shaped me to be a part of something great.

2019, the best year of my life... I took part in Developer circles Nairobi community hackathons and meetups. I was lucky enough to get sponsored by Facebook and Andela to take part in Openclassrooms which happens to be a BootCamp based in France.

I learned technologies like Ruby on rails, Reactjs, Python/flask, and C# which pretty much I feel so happy about them since it was so rough for me.

I always believe that am gonna get investors to help me accomplish an idea that I had for a long time now. It’s my prayer and hopes that after this post I’ll be able to get to work and start looking for investors.



software developer

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