Recently, I saw this question on Hackerank, check out the screenshot below.


import “./styles.css”;

import React, { useState } from “react”;

import Content from “./Content”;

import Content2 from “./Content2”;

import Content3 from “./Content3”;

export default function App() {

const [active, setActive] = useState(“FirstContent”);

return (

<div className=”App”>



Recently a friend changed my primary email and shut down my github account, after emailing github I reclaimed my account back.


1.Click this link to begin

2.Down on that page click on Contact Us on Account or billing issues with the link :

Form that looks bellow comes to you.. so you gotta fill it with what you need help with.

NOTE: If you need to reclaim your account as soon as you can.. then, when github sends an email to confirm that they got your request, you will need to reply to them to let them know that your account is compromised and you need them to be so fast, and if github won’t be of help to you then you need to tweet and get some people to tweet that your github account was hacked.

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software developer

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